Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bass repair, part deux

So I picked up my bass at Stevens Violin Shop the other day. This time, the repair was about opening the bottom half of back board and re-gluing it. Thanks to their awesome job, this was a success. I was excited when I first test-played the instrument. It had such a "big" sound.

However, when I was playing in a vocal jazz class at De Anza College, the bass started to make the rattling noise again when I play the open D string. Until then, I was truly enjoying how happily this instrument "sings".

I checked the instrument with Roger Letson, the legendary jazz educator, during the break. It turned out that the noise was coming from a different spot than the one I fixed. Well, I guess I was just mistakenly presuming that the space at the bottom was the cause of the noise and hadn't taken another step to really examine the problem. Foolish me!

So the poor instrument will be on the way to be repaired again soon. But at this rate, the bass will sound even better after it's 100% fixed. I will rather look forward to it!

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