Saturday, January 10, 2009

Speak No Evil w/Lee Pardini and Kevin Higuchi

Speak No Evil (composed by Wayne Shorter)
Lee Pardini (Keyboard)
Noriyuki "Ken" Okada (Bass)
Kevin Higuchi (Drums)
Recorded on Tuesday 12/23/2008 at Sumika, Los Altos, CA
[Jazz at Sumika vol. 66]

This was the third time in December I played with Lee and Kevin as trio. There was already a "connection" among us from the previous 2 gigs in the same month, which made the great musical atmosphere of this performance, even though this tune was an opener of the gig. This is definitely one of my favorite recordings.

Because this was my first time to shoot a video and record the sound by my new multi-track recorder Korg D888, I asked Lee to call all the tunes so that I could concentrate on video/audio operations. So he picks Speak No Evil by Wayne Shorter as our first tune and suggests to play in modern straight-8th groove, instead of swing feel which is normally used for this tune. That turns out to work perfectly. The thought "Speak No Evil, not in swing but in straight 8th... as a gig opener!" gave me a very good tension, thus a great jazz conversation with the other talented musicians.

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