Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yokohama After Dark (Jazz Haiku #2)

This is the 2nd work of my Jazz Haiku project. Even this tune sounds pretty modern, this is still in the 12-bar blues format. As I want to keep the sound variety open in this project, I intentionally chose a different style from the 1st one.

Here I learned that I don't need to use a lot of notes in this type of composition. First I came up with the D-Eb-F-D motif in the 2nd bar and expanded the idea, but the number of notes at the beginning stage was about double of what you see above. As I continue to tweak around, I felt most of the notes are unnecessary so I dropped many of them. (BTW, the basic policy of this project is to avoid spending too much time on each piece, so the details in the backing instruments are left plain.)

Now starting to think about the next one...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blues In The Kitchen (Jazz Haiku #1)

I'm recently trying to work more on my original tunes, but often I feel I'm still weak in composition. So I thought I should compose a lot of 12-bar blues tunes to gain more experience in writing. Most of the tunes I usually write are actually in fusion or acid jazz styles and not in typical swingy jazz, but still 12-bar blues form is a great platform to learn composing melodies, motifs, chords etc.

I named this project Jazz Haiku, because a 12-bar blues is just like a haiku. Well, I actually have never written a haiku, but I guess it is. I hope I don't fail to continue this project - I'll try!

In the short term, my goal is to flush all the melodies that I can come up with instantly, so that I can dig deeper. So please don't mind if you hear lots of typical phrases and licks. Comments are most welcomed!