Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blues In The Kitchen (Jazz Haiku #1)

I'm recently trying to work more on my original tunes, but often I feel I'm still weak in composition. So I thought I should compose a lot of 12-bar blues tunes to gain more experience in writing. Most of the tunes I usually write are actually in fusion or acid jazz styles and not in typical swingy jazz, but still 12-bar blues form is a great platform to learn composing melodies, motifs, chords etc.

I named this project Jazz Haiku, because a 12-bar blues is just like a haiku. Well, I actually have never written a haiku, but I guess it is. I hope I don't fail to continue this project - I'll try!

In the short term, my goal is to flush all the melodies that I can come up with instantly, so that I can dig deeper. So please don't mind if you hear lots of typical phrases and licks. Comments are most welcomed!

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