Monday, November 23, 2009

Virtual Jam with Steve Gadd!

This morning I found a wonderful video of Steve Gadd's drum groove. The video was so inspiring that I couldn't resist adding a bass track. The recording process was fun and educating at the same time. Initially I had a hard time locking the groove because Steve's groove has such a deep pocket and my bass often sounded too ahead/rushing. After many takes, I finally managed to place the bass groove in the right place (I think). The idea of adding a video of myself came in later, so in the video I'm just pretending as if I'm playing the recorded line. If you see closer (and if you are a bass player), you can tell I'm cheating, from the wrong fingering. :-D

If you possibly like to dub your own sound to this, here is the uncompressed AIFF file of the track. Enjoy!